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“As a former ESOL teacher, I was able to effectively integrate the Peacebe series into my curriuculum on a weekly basis. The students were able to identify with the characters as well as grasp the overall theme of each story.”

P. Marthy - 4th Grade ESOL Teacher/Mother of 3

“Peacebe and the Heartwatch is by far the BEST character education series I’ve read to my children and students. Thanks for providing such an excellent resource to teach children to have awesome character.”

E. Clerveaux - Elementary Reading Teacher/Mother of 2

“When I first bought the Peacebe books it was for a 5 year old for his graduation. Then I read the books, and it blew me away. The stories were interesting, and completely relevant for young children. I own almost the whole collection, and it is a permanent staple in my classroom.”

S. Stroud - Primary Educator

“There is something about Peacebe that keeps my children asking me to read more and more of the stories; whether it’s the catchy words or the illustrations. The different character traits incorporated in each books makes it both entertaining and meaningful which is a plus!”

C. Phillpotts - 1st Grade Teacher/Mother of 2

“As Parents of three kids it is empowering to find resources like Peacebe and the Heartwatch that affirm the important values we are instilling into our kids. Our children love to read these books almost every day, over and over again. Every family should have the complete set, our kids beg us to read them.”

Pastors Erik and Susana Kingsley - Salt Life Church/Parents of 3

“Peacebe and the Heartwatch children series has become an extremely vital lifeline in early childhood education and even in my fight to end childhood obesity. My objective is to teach children to make choices and these choices have consequences: good, bad and unexpected! Thank you Leneen, David, Peacebe and Heartwatch for being such a positive force.”

I. Akahbue - Food Service Teacher

“In the Peacebe series, Leneen and David have created a magical, yet authentic world where children will be engaged and entertained while they learn. The series is so inclusive, all children will find themselves in the stories. A special, and much needed addition to the lineup of children's books.”

Ellen Jaffe - South Florida Radio Personality

“We are so excited to use, “The Adventures of Peacebe and the Heartwatch,” to help our preschoolers learn about character education. We’ve already started using the series, and have seen a positive change in our students. What better way to foster the development of ethical and responsible individuals than through adventurous stories that they can relate to. This is a powerful teaching tool!"

J. Abreu - Director of Shine Bright Academy